Dedicated to Providing the Best Care for all your transportation needs.

Providing You with Quality Transportation

TransporCare provides non-emergency wheelchair & stretcher transportation to and from hospitals, medical facilities, private residences, skilled rehab facilities, assisted living facilities and retirement communities. All driving personnel are insured, licensed and CPR certified. We place emphasis on customer service, client comfort and timely safe transport. This is the reason we are the leading  non-emergency transportation provider in the southeast for patients with:

  • Alzheimer’s or Dementia

  • Stabilized Bone Fractures

  • Cancer

  • Stroke/CVA

  • Conditions that include oxygen therapy (Emphysema, COPD)

  • Painful conditions like Arthritis, MS, and Parkinson’s disease

  • General weakness that would be difficult in a private automobile

  • Back and Spine related injuries and degenerative conditions


With Managed Medical Transport, you can expect the following:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance which meets state requirements

  • Medically trained personnel to insure the safe and proper transfer of patients with various medical history

  • Staff who understands the need for maintaining patient confidentiality (HIPAA)

  • Drivers attend annual National Safety Council Defensive Drivers Training

  • Professional personnel in uniform with name tag

  • Two-way communication

  • All vehicles have tracking devices linked to our dispatch center via GPS

  • All vehicles are part of a comprehensive maintenance plan and are ****

  • Continuous maintenance and support of patients on oxygen

  • The philosophy that we arrive on time, every time

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee



TransporCare provides transportation services to individuals with mobility limitations, transportation challenges, individuals who are wheelchair bound or bedridden:


  • Ambulatory

  • Wheelchair

  • Stretcher

  • Hospitals

  • Dental Appointments

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Dialysis Patients

  • Chemotherapy

  • Eye or Ear Exams

  • Physical Therapy

  • Or maybe just a casual drive to visit family or friends


TransporCare offers services for physically challenged and disabled individuals of any age who require a wheelchair or stretcher transport. 

We are ADA-compliant, Side Entry conversion vans with folding ramp, lowered floor and Q-Straint tie down system offering spacious room for wheelchair and passengers. 

Our Wheelchair Vans accommodate up to two wheelchairs or 1 stretcher at the same time, and still allow for comfortable passenger seating.